The Managers

Sally Dalton- Registered Manager & Director

Sally has had previous office experience from former employment. She began her career in homecare as a carer and quickly gained the position office Senior Carer due to her understanding of the business. When the previous manager retired Sally was approached as the replacement. Since she has been in post Sally has actively undertaken a sharp learning curve and has shown she is capable of running a branch successfully and effectively. Sally has completed the Registered Managers Award Level 4 and is now the registered manager, and director of Sussex Homecare (Mid Sussex) Limited.

Gill Avery- Manager & Director

Gill has been working in the care profession for 34 years. She began her career as a homecare assistant in Norfolk, and was then promoted to senior carer. Gill moved to West Sussex 16 years ago, and (again) began as a homecare assistant, then as a senior carer, and finally as an assistant care manager. She has completed her NVQ3 and has started training for her NVQ5 Registered Managers Award.