Personal Care

We are commited to providing a comprehensive, professional and caring domiciliary service to adults of all ages and didsanilities who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to manage without support and help in their own homes. We are not registered to provide care for children.

We aim to tailor our service to to meet the indivdual requirements of each client.

We help our clients with;

  • Morning procedures- our carers will help with getting you out of bed, delivering a cup of tea in bed, getting you dressed and making breakfast
  • Washing and bathing- we assist you in washing your hair, brushing your teeth and shaving
  • Toilet requirements
  • Night procedures- we will help you to prepare tea, make you comfortable and help you getting into bed
  • Any problems during the night- A member of our care team will sleep over so they can assist you if you need help during the night